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Ancient Burial Ground, Essex, Massachusetts


Many of the stones in this graveyard are still quite legible and some have wonderful engravings.  Unfortunately, some of the stones have either sunk into the ground or fallen over and been damaged.  Still others are no longer readable due to hundreds of years of exposure to the elements.


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Esther B. (Knowlton) Andrews, 1814-1850
Wife of William A. Andrews
James Andrews, 1763-1857
Lucy (Pearson?) Andrews, ? - 1852

Deacon John Androews, 1679-1752

Joseph Andrews, 1729-1806

Leonard A. Andrews, 1836-1848
Son of William A. & Esther B. Andrews

Mary Ellen Andrews, 1870-1871
Daughter of Margaret Andrews

Solomon Andrews, 1780-1850
Mary (Allen) Andrews, 1774-1849

Col. William Andrews, 1775-1836
Son of William & Sarah (Tyler) Andrews)

Abigail (Burnham) Burnham, 1786-1881*
Wife of Josiah Burnham

Abigail (Burnham) Burnham, 1786-1828
Wife of Michael Burnham

Amelia (Choate) Burnham, 1788-1822
Wife of Samuel Burnham
Amos Burnham, 1758-1834
Husband of Abigail (Goodhue) Burnham)
Charles Burnham, 1761-1825
Sarah (Burnham) Burnham, 1762-1851
Cyrus Burnham, 1792-1812
Charles Burnham, 1787-1810
Sons of Amos & Abigail (Goodhue) Burnham
Eli Burnham, 1800-1851 Eustis Burnham, 1825-1855
Son of Abner Burnham

Hannah Choate Burnham, 1841-1842
Daughter of Oliver & Matilda Burnham

Hannah (Marshall) Burnham, 1791-1870*
Wife of Capt. Noah Burnham

Harriet F. (Perkins) Burnham
Lydia C. Burnham
Wife and Daughter of Oliver Burnham

Joel Burnham, 1802-1857

John Prince Burnham, 1841-1842
Son of Aaron & Anna Burnham

Capt. Jonathan Burnham

Capt. Joshua Burnham

Joshua Burnham, 1768-1816
Lucy (Andrews) Burnham, 1766-1795
Anna (Andrews) Burnham, 1767-1858
Anna Burnham, 1800-1832

Josiah Burnham, 1773-1843*
Husband of Abigail Burnham

Lucy (Choate) Burnham, 1764-1787
Wife of William Burnham

Lucy (Choate) Burnham

Lucy (Cogswell) Burnham, 1728-1775*
Wife of Deacon Thomas Burnham

Mary (Haskell) Burnham, 1795-1873
Daughter of Eleazer Haskell

Mary (Marshall) Burnham, 1765-1859
Wife of Thomas Burnham

Mary (Maxcy) Burnham, 1814-1877
Wife of Joel Burnham

Matilda (Marshall) Burnham, 1808-1843
Wife of Oliver Burnham

Michael Burnham, 1781-1862
Husband of Abigail Burnham

Moses Burnham, 1804-1870
Husband of Elizabeth (Morgan) Burnham

Moses Burnham, Jr., 1837-1875
Son of Moses & Susannah Burnham

Nathaniel Burnham, 1783-1862
Son of Nathaniel & Lucy Burnham

Nellie E. Burnham, 1854-1861
Daughter of Moses & Elizabeth (Allen) Burnham

Nimrod Burnham

Capt. Noah Burnham, 1787-1840
Husband of Hannah (Marshall) Burnham

Oliver Burnham, 1810-1880
Sarah Burnham, 1819-1857

Patience (Andrews) Burnham, 1801-1850
Wife of Michael Burnham

Sally (Burnham) Burnham, 1784-1864
Husband of William Burnham

Sarah (Poland) Burnham, 1780-1861
Wife of Henry Burnham
Thirza (Burnham) Burnham, 1793-1833
Wife of Michael Burnham

William Burnham, 1773-1821
Eunice (Story) Burnham, 1775-1850

William Burnham, 1780-1851
Husband of Sally Burnham

Abigail (Andros?) Butler, 1687-1718
Wife of Thomas Butler
Betsey Choate, 1771-1790
Daughter of John Choate, Esq.
Dudly Choate, 1790-1852
Sally (Channel) Choate, 1793-1849
Francis Choate, 1701-1777
Hannah (Perkins) Choate, 1708-1778

Francis Choate, 1728-1740
Son of Francis & Hannah (Perkins) Choate

Francis Choate, Footstone

Infant Daughter Choate, 1789
Sarah Choate, 1803-1805
Daughters of George & Susanna Choate
Lieu. Jeremiah Choate, 1755-1799
Husband of Ruth (Choate) Choate

John Choate, Esq., 1737-1791

Lucretia (Burnham) Choate, 1795-1877
Wife of Capt. William Choate

Nathan Choate, 1769-1832
Husband of Mary (Perkins) Choate

Nehemiah Choate, 1730-1797
Susanna (Browne) Choate, 1733-1817

Nehemiah Choate, 1697-1718
Son of John & Elizabeth (Giddings) Choate

Robert Choate, 1689-1763

Susanna (Choate) Choate, 1762-1827
George Choate, Esq., 1761-1826
Lieut. Thomas Choate, 1693-1774*
Husband of Elizabeth (Burnham) Choate

Capt. William Choate, 1730-1785
Husband of Mary (Giddings) Choate

Capt. William Choate, 1790-1829
Husband of Lucretia (Burnham) Choate

Capt. William Choate, Footstone Rev. John Cleaveland, 1722-1799
Husband of Mary (Dodge) Cleaveland
& Mary (Foster) Cleaveland

Mary (Dodge) Cleaveland, 1723-1768
Mary (Foster) Cleaveland, 1730-1810

Wives of Rev. John Cleaveland

Abigail Cogswell, 1770-1851
Wife of Benjamin Cogswell

Elizabeth (Wade) Cogswell, 1701-1783
Wife of William Cogswell

Jacob Cogswell, 1769-1831
Son of Jacob & Elizabeth (Eveleth) Cogswell

John Cogswell, 1784-1855
Husband of Lucretia (Day) Cogswell
Dea. Jonathan Cogswell, 1725-1812
Mary Cogswell, 1729-1813

Mary (Cogswell) Cogswell, 1699-1734
Wife of William Cogswell

Priscilla Cogswell, 1789-1864
Daughter of John Cogswell &
Abigail (Goodwin) Cogswell

William Cogswell, 1694-1762
Husband of Mary (Cogswell) Cogswell
& Elizabeth (Wade) Cogswell
Zacheus Cogswell, 1774-1842
Son of William & Lucretia Cogswell
Nancy Cole, 1761-1843
Daughter of Andrew & Rebecca Cole
Hepzibah Cummings, 1762-1818
Emeline Dexter, 1818-1828
Daughter of John & Judith Dexter
John Dexter, 1776-1867
Son of William & Phebe (Knight) Dexter

Capt. Aaron Foster, 1723-1811
Husband of Ruth (Low) Foster

Ruth (Low) Foster, 1727-1811
Wife of Capt. Aaron Foster

Joanna Giddings, 1797-1818
Daughter of Samuel & Martha Giddings
John Giddinge, 1706-1727
Son of Job & Sarah Giddinge
Martha Giddings, 1710-1790
Thomas Giddings, 1708-1802
Samuel Giddings, 1774-1826
Husband of Martha (Goodhue) Giddings
Sarah Giddings, 1796-1800
Daughter of Aaron & Lucy Giddings
Abigail (Low) Goodhue, 1686-1726
Wife of Joseph Goodhue

Ann (Cogswell) Goodhue, 1694-1767*
Wife of John Goodhue

Ann (Smith) Goodhue, 1755-1810
Widow of Jacob Goodhue

Eunice (Lord) Goodhue, 1731-1786
Wife of Jacob Goodhue

Jacob Goodhue, 1723-1793*
Husband of Ann (Smith), Eunice (Lord) &
Joanna (Story) Goodhue

Joanna (Story) Goodhue, 1723-1775
Wife of Jacob Goodhue

John Goodhue, 1685-1773*
Husband of Ann (Cogswell) Goodhue

Mercy Goodhue, 1708-1721
Daughter of Capt. Nathaniel & Mercy Goodhue

Lucy (Burnham) Hardy, 1763-1843
Widow of Samuel Hardy

Samuel Hardy, 1761-1824
Husband of Lucy Burnham

Clarissa Harlow, 1791-1873
Daughter of John & Eunice Harlow

John Harlow, 1758-1833
Eunice (Lufkin) Harlow, 1763-1845
Nellie S. Howes, 1868-1883
Daughter of Edwin A. & Susannah M. Howes
Sophia E. (Andrews) Howes, 1837-1856
1st Wife of Edwin A. Howes
Susan (Burnham) Howes, 1840-1868
2nd Wife of Edwin A. Howes
Hepzibah Jarvis, 1804-1884
Wife of John Jarvis
Abigail (Lufkin) Knowlton, 1786-1847
Wife of Moses Knowlton
Aaron Low, 1755-1840
Husband of Anna (Burnham) Low
Caleb Low, 1774-1831
Sally Low, 1726-1825

Jemima (Woodbury) Low, 1724-1764
Wife of Samuel Low

Mary (Giddings)Low, 1781-1867
William Low, 1781-1866

Polly (Cogswell) Low, 1778-1805
Wife of Abel Low

Thomas Lufken, 1668-1747

Benjamin Marshall, 1649-1716 Benjamin Marshall, 1684-1747
Husband of Bethiah (Goodhue?) Marshall
Martha Ann (Coffin) McKenzie, 1822-1848
Wife of Washington McKenzie
Albert Coffin McKenzie, 1846-1848
George Washington McKenzie, 1845-1846
Emeline E. Mears, 1822-1850
Wife of Daniel Mears, Jr.
Clarenda (Lee) Morgan, 1813-1860
Wife of Thomas B. Morgan
Mary (Burnham) Perkins, 1780-1861
Widow of Abraham Perkins

Mehitable (Lufkin?) Poland, 1764-1853
Wife of Josiah Poland

Susan (Burnham) Poland, 1805-1835
Lucy A. (Burnham) Poland, 1802-1838
Ruth (Andrews) Poland, 1799-1851
Wives of Daniel Poland

Ollevia Poland, 1797-1868
Daughter of Josiah & Mehitable (Lufkin?) Poland
Benjamin Procter, 1713-1792
Benjamin Proctor, Footstone Hannah (Cogswell) Proctor, 1762-1795
Wife of Jonathan (John) Proctor

Elizabeth (Cogswell) Russ, 1776-1805
Wife of Dr. Parker Russ

Dr. Parker Russ, 1768-1806
Husband of Elizabeth (Cogswell) Russ

Sarah (Appleton) Smith, 1730-1801
Widow of Peter Smith

Nathaniel H. Snow, 1830-1852

Abel Story, 1791-1868
Son of Jacob & Lucy (Haskell) Story
Betsey Story, 1779-1844
Wife of Jacob Story

Elizabeth (Cross) Story, Abt. 1651-1736*
Wife of Deacon Seth Story

Epes Story, 1793-1855
Eunice Story, 1799-1842

Jacob Story, 1767-1848
Husband of Betsey Story

Lucy Story, 1792-1855
Wife of Jacob Story

Martha (Burnham) Story, 1792-1822
1st Wife of Abel Story

Deacon Seth Story, 1645-1732*
Husband of Elizabeth (Cross) Story

Thankful (Burnham) Story, 1790-1843
2nd Wife of Abel Story

* Direct Ancestor

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