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Descendants of Francis Peabody


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Generation No. 1

1. FRANCIS1 PEABODY was born Abt. 1614 in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England, and died February 19, 1697/98 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married (1) LYDIA.   He married (2) MARY FOSTER WOOD, daughter of Renold (Reginald) Foster and Judith Wignol of Ipswich. She was born 1618 in England and died April 9, 1705 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
The following information came from the Peabody Genealogy, by Selim Hobart Peabody, 1909:
  “2 Aprilis 1635

“Theis under written names are to be transported to New England imbarqued in the Planter Nico: Trarice Mr bound thither the pties have brought certificates from the Minister of St Albons in Hertfordshier & Attestacon from the Justices of peace according to the Lord's order.

“Husb: man Franc's Peboddy . . . . 21”

In such documents, the age set down after a name often was a mere approximation. The papers of Essex County Court in Massachusetts contain a deposition, dated “the 24th of the 4th month 1662” (June 24, 1662) giving the “testimoni of ffrancis Pabody aged fifti years.” Another deposition, given Nov. 19, 1690, gives his age as “78 years.” While the ship list would place his birth at 1612 or 1614, the depositions would set it at 1612.
The Planter sailed from London about Apr. 10, 1635, and arrived in Boston, Mass., June 7, 1635. Francis Peabody, a farmer and miller, settled first at Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, where he was living in 1636 near “Labour in Vaine” on a road that led to the beach. The first reference to Francis in the Ipswich records appears in a description of lands owned by Samuel Hall:

“Eight acres of planting ground, by an act of the Towne as in the old book Anno 1636, lying near the highway going to Labour in vaine meadowe, butting to ye East upon ye planting ground of John Seaborn and on ye North planting ground of Francis Pebody.”

In 1638 or 1639, the settler joined with the Rev. Stephen Bachilor and 12 others in the original settlement of Hampton, New Hampshire. He became a freeman of Hampton May 18, 1642. In 1645, he held a share in the common lands of Hampton and was also acting as a member of the committee that oversaw the finishing of the meeting house.
The Francis Peabody residence in Hampton was near those of Isaac Perkins and William Cole. Cole's wife, Eunice, apparently had difficulty controlling her tongue and sometimes lashed out at her neighbors. An entry in the records of the Ipswich Court, under date of Nov. 4, 1645, says “Eunice Cole is to sit in the stocks at Hampton and to make acknowledgement of her slanderous speeches concerning Susan Parkings & lidia pebodye and to pay to the witnes Isaac Perkings 7d and the feas of the court.” This Mrs. Cole subsequently was tried for witchcraft.
After spending about 12 years in Hampton, Francis Peabody on March 25, 1650, sold his Hampton property to Robert Drake and moved to Topsfield, Mass., which had two years earlier been set off from his former home of Ipswich. Here he spent the rest of his life. On moving to Topsfield, he bought 250 acres of land from Samuel Symonds. On Apr. 20, 1666, he purchased from his near neighbor, William Evans, an acre located beside Pye Brook, on which he established in 1672 the first grist mill in the town. His house, situated on the bank of the brook, survived until 1846. He built a second, two story house a little farther up the brook in 1692, and this stood until Oct. 4, 1914. A deposition made by Francis Peabody in 1690, when he was 78, provides some interesting detail:

“The testimony of francis Pabody aged 78 years is that I having bought on half of mr Simmonds farm: ye said ffeild mr Simmonds sent up goodman gage & goodman Brag to shew me the bounds of that farme, and they did shew me a stak in a medow which medow is now on the back sid of the dweling house of Isaac Cumins senr & on the north sid of the brook several rods: to be the bounds on the north east corner of the farm: & from thence to a tree on the end of pains hill near to a medow where Ipswich commity setled the bounds; afterward I got ensign howlet to help me run the line on the south est side of the farme between goodman every & me & he with others brought the line to the same place on the south est corner: to which place my fence did then & now doth point.
“Swore november 19th 1690 before me Samll Appleton Asst.”

Little is known of Francis Peabody's first wife. She is clearly identified as Lydia in documents of the period, but her maiden name, ancestry and origin are unknown. She died before 1649 and he married about 1650 Mary (Foster) Wood, daughter of Renold and Judith (Wignol) Foster of Ipswich and the widow of Daniel Wood of Ipswich, who died in 1648. Francis Peabody died Feb. 19, 1697/8, in Topsfield. Mary survived about seven years, dying Apr. 9, 1705, in Topsfield. Francis' will, dated Jan. 20, 1695/6 . . ."
Children of FRANCIS PEABODY and LYDIA are:
  i. LYDIA PEABODY, b. August 30, 1640, Hampton, New Hampshire; d. April 30, 1715, Boxford, Massachusetts; m. THOMAS HOWLETT Bef. 1663.
2. ii. JOHN PEABODY, b. Abt. 1642.
3. iii. JOSEPH PEABODY, b. Abt. 1644, Hampton, New Hampshire; d. Abt. 1722; m. (1) BETHIAH BRIDGES October 26, 1668, Boxford, Massachusetts; m. (2) MARY WHEELER, January 4, 1714/15, Beverly, Massachusetts.
4. iv. WILLIAM PEABODY, b. March 3, 1645/46, Hampton, New Hampshire; d. March 6, 1699/1700, Boxford, Massachusetts; m. (1) MARY BROWN, December 8, 1680; m. (2) HANNAH HALE, August 14, 1684, Boxford, Massachusetts.
5. v. ISAAC PEABODY, b. Abt. 1648, Hampton, New Hampshire; d. 1727, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. (1) ELIZABETH; m. (2) SARAH ESTES GILL Abt. 1693.
  i. SARAH PEABODY, b. Abt. 1650, Ipswich, Massachusetts; d. September 29, 1732, Ipswich, Massachusetts; m. ABRAHAM HOWE March 20, 1678, Ipswich, Massachusetts.
ii. HEPSIBAH PEABODY, b. Abt. 1652, Ipswich, Massachusetts; m. DANIEL RAE.
iii. MARY PEABODY, b. Abt. 1656; m. JOHN DEATH.
iv. RUTH PEABODY, b. May 22, 1658.
v. DAMARIS PEABODY, b. January 21, 1660, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. December 19, 1660, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
vi. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. June 4, 1662; d. September 13, 1677, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
6. vii. JACOB PEABODY, b. July 28, 1664, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. November 24, 1689, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. ABIGAIL TOWNE, January 12, 1685/86, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
viii. HANNAH PEABODY, b. May 8, 1668.
ix. NATHANIEL PEABODY, b. July 20, 1669; d. 1715; m. FRANCES.

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Generation No. 2

2. JOHN2 PEABODY (FRANCIS1) was born was born Abt. 1642 and died Abt. November 29, 1674.  He married HANNAH ANDREWS November 23, 1665 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
i. JOHN PEABODY, b. August 28, 1666.
  ii. THOMAS PEABODY, b. July 22, 1670.
  iii. LIDIA PEABODY, b. March 9, 1674; m. JACOB PERLEY, December 3, 1696, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  iv. DAVID PEABODY, b. July 12, 1678.
  v. ELIZABETH PEABODY, b. August 13, 1680.
  vi. NATHAN PEABODY, b. July 20, 1682, Topsfield, Massachusetts; bpt. February 8, 1683, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
3. JOSEPH2 PEABODY (FRANCIS1) was born Abt. 1644 in Hampton, New Hampshire and died Abt. 1722.  He married (1) BETHIAH BRIDGES, daughter of EDMUND BRIDGES and ALICE; he married (2) MARY WHEELER January 4, 1715 in Beverly, Massachusetts.
i. JOSEPH PEABODY, b. April 16, 1671, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  ii. SARAH PEABODY, b. September 4, 1676.
iii. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. August 8, 1678.
iv. BETHIAH PEABODY, b. April 3, 1681.
v. LYDIA PEABODY, b. February 4, 1683.
vi. ALICE PEABODY, b. January 5, 1685.
4. WILLIAM2 PEABODY (FRANCIS1) was born March 3, 1646 in Hampton, New Hampshire.  He died on March 6, 1699 in Boxford, Massachusetts.  He married (1) MARY BROWN, December 8, 1680, daughter of RICHARD BROWN and ELIZABETH GREENLEAF.  He married (2) HANNAH HALE, August 14, 1684 in Newbury, Massachusetts, daughter of THOMAS HALE and MARY HUTCHINSON.
  i. MARY PEABODY, b. April 14, 1687.
7. ii. EPHRAIM3 PEABODY, b. April 23, 1689.
  iii. RICHARD PEABODY, bpt. April 5, 1691, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
8. iv. RICHARD PEABODY, b. February 17, 1692.
  v. HANNAH PEABODY, bpt. August 6, 1693, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  vi. JOHN PEABODY, bpt. December 22, 1695, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  vii. OLIVER PEABODY, May 7, 1698.
5. ISAAC2 PEABODY (FRANCIS1) was born Abt. 1648 in Hampton, New Hampshire, and died 1727 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married (1) ELIZABETH.  He married (2) SARAH ESTES GILL Abt. 1693 in Massachusetts, daughter of ROBERT ESTES and DOROTHY WILSON. She was born March 22, 1640 in Rengwould, Kent, England.
Children of ISAAC PEABODY and SARAH GILL are:
9. i. CORNET FRANCIS3 PEABODY, b. December 1, 1694, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. April 23, 1769, Middleton, Massachusetts.
ii. MARY PEABODY, b. February 5, 1695/96, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. WILLIAM JARVIS, August 1, 1723.
iii. ISAAC PEABODY, b. March 15, 1697/98, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. January 13, 1739, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  iv. PHILADELPHIA PEABODY, b. September 26, 1698, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. October 23, 1743; m. DANIEL REDINGTON February 27, 1722, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
10. v. MATTHEW3 PEABODY, b. December 10, 1699, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. October 20, 1777, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
vi. WILLIAM PEABODY, b. January 26, 1700/01, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
vii. ESTES PEABODY, b. September 28, 1702, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. MARY GOTT, May 19, 1746, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
11. viii. JOSEPH3 PEABODY, b. June 14, 1704, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. June 7, 1755, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  She was the great-granddaughter of Governor Bradstreet--Peabody Genealogy 1909
  ix. SARAH PEABODY, b. March 10, 1705/06, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. May 22, 1790, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  x. ANNE PEABODY, b. May 31, 1707, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. May 5, 1760, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. John Batchelder, December 13, 1727, Ipswich, Massachusetts.
  xi. HEPHZIBAH PEABODY, b. May 25, 1709, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. December 23, 1783, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. Ephraim Wildes, Jr., January 31, 1731, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
xii. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. January 3, 1710/11, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
6. JACOB2 PEABODY (FRANCIS1) was born July 28, 1664, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died November 24, 1689, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  She married ABIGAIL TOWNE January 12, 1686 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, daughter of EDMUND TOWNE and MARY BROWNING.  She was born August 6, 1664.
i. MARY PEABODY, b. January 15, 1688, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
ii. SARAH PEABODY, b. January 15, 1688, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
12. iii. JACOB3 PEABODY, b. November 9, 1689, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. July 14, 1749, Topsfield, Massachusetts.

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Generation No. 3

7. EPHRAIM3 PEABODY (WILLIAM2, FRANCIS1) was born April 23, 1689.  He married HANNAH REDINGTON July 6, 1713 in Boxford, Massachusetts.
  i. THOMAS PEABODY, b. July 14, 1715, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  ii. ABRAHAM PEABODY, b. October 6, 1717, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  iii. EPHRAIM PEABODY, b. February 16, 1720, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  iv. HANNAH PEABODY, b. May 18, 1725, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  v. NATHANELL PEABODY, b. December 18, 1727, Boxford, Massachusetts.
8. RICHARD3 PEABODY (WILLIAM2, FRANCIS1) was born February 17, 1692.  He married RUTH KIMBALL March 7, 1716 in Boxford, Massachusetts.
  i. ASA PEABODY, b. January 25, 1716, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  ii. MARY PEABODY, b. January 13, 1719, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  iii. ABIGAIL PEABODY, b. October 10, 1722, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  iv. SARAH PEABODY, b. June 5, 1725, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  v. RICHARD PEABODY, b. January 15, 1728, Boxford, Massachusetts.
  vi. PEGGE PEABODY, bpt. June 29, 1729, Boxford, Massachusetts.
5. CORNET FRANCIS3 PEABODY (ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born December 1, 1694 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died April 23, 1769 in Middleton, Massachusetts.  He married DOROTHY PERKINS January 27, 1714/15 in Middleton, Massachusetts, daughter of ABRAHAM PERKINS and HANNAH BEAMSLEY.  She was born Abt. 1695 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died May 3, 1771, in Middleton, Massachusetts.
13. i. FRANCIS4 PEABODY, b. September 21, 1715, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. December 7, 1797, Middleton, Massachusetts.
ii. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. December 4, 1716, Middleton, Massachusetts, d. December 1716.
  iii. MARY PEABODY, b. August 10, 1718, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. SAMUEL CONANT, August 9, 1744, Middleton, Massachusetts.
  iv. DOROTHY PEABODY, b. March 27, 1720, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. DAVID WEBB, November 16, 1749, Portland, Maine.
v. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. January 30, 1721/22, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. 1804; m. (1) RUTH TRASK, April 13, 1749, Beverly, Massachusetts, dau. JOSIAH TRASK and MARY WOODBURY; m. (2) MARY SYMONDS, October 18, 1750, Cumberland, Maine; m. (3) MARY COLCHESTER, July 8, 1760.
vi. NATHANIEL PEABODY, b. April 7, 1723, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
vii. WILLIAM PEABODY, b. March 11, 1723/24, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
viii. ISAAC PEABODY, b. April 3, 1727, Middleton, Massachusetts; bpt. August 27, 1727, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
ix. DANIEL PEABODY, b. October 18, 1728, Middleton, Massachusetts; bpt. June 8, 1729, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
14. x. BIMSLEY4 PEABODY, b. September 2, 1731, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. 1815, Boxford, Massachusetts.
xi. HANNAH PEABODY, b. February 23, 1732/33, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. SAMUEL COLE, July 8, 1758, Cape Elizabeth, Maine.
xii. STEPHEN PEABODY, b. April 7, 1735.
xiii. ANDREW PEABODY, b. January 14, 1736/37; d. January 14, 1736/37, stillborn.
10. MATTHEW3 PEABODY (ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born December 10, 1699 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died October 20, 1777, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married (1) MEHITABLE AVERILL February 22, 1724, daughter of EBENEZER AVERILL and MEHITABELL FOSTER.  She was baptized on May 2, 1703 in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died June 16, 1740 in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married (2) SARAH DORMAN April 13, 1743, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  She died October 20, 20, 1777, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
  Notes for Matthew Peabody:  Entry in Topsfield Vital Records for Matthew's death reads as follows:  Matthew, "and Sarah his wife and Ebenezer Peabody son of John and Lucy Peabody all three in one day and under one roof and w as all three buryd at one time, both Mr. Peabody and his wife was laid in one grave," October 20, 1777.  C.R.
i. EBENEZER PEABODY, b. February 11, 1727, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
iv. MEHITABLE PEABODY, b. December 24, 1728, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
ii. JOHN PEABODY, b. September 10, 1730, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
iii. SARAH PEABODY, b. March 30, 1733, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
v. ISAAC PEABODY, b. September 29, 1747.
vi. DEBORAH PEABODY, b. October 21, 1750.
11. JOSEPH3 PEABODY (ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born June 14, 1704, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died June 7, 1755, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married ELIZABETH BRADSTREET, daughter of SIMON BRADSTREET and ELIZABETH CAPON.  She died December 31, 1751, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
i. JOSEPH PEABODY, b. September 5, 1730, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. August 7, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
ii. JACOB PEABODY, b. December 2, 1731, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. August 14, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
iii. DUDLY PEABODY, b. June 15, 1735, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. August 6, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
iv. ELIZABETH PEABODY, b. September 23, 1737, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
v. JACOB PEABODY, b. April 6, 1739, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. November 24, 1806, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
12. JACOB3 PEABODY (JACOB2, FRANCIS4) was born November 9, 1689, in Topsfield, Massachusetts, and died July 14, 1749, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  He married REBECKAH BAKER April 30, 1712, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.  She died March 12, 1780, in Topsfield, Massachusetts.
i. JACOB PEABODY, b. February 18, 1713; m. SUSANNA ROGERS, February 18, 1735, Boxford, Massachusetts.
ii. REBECKAH PEABODY, b. February 3, 1715.
iii. ABIGAIL PEABODY, b. February 25, 1717, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. June 25, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
iv. NATHANIEL PEABODY, b. February 25, 1719, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. June 25, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
v. PRISSILA PEABODY, b . March 25, 1721.
vi. THOMAS PEABODY, b. August 24, 1723, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. September 25, 1723, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
vii. MARTHA PEABODY, b. August 19, 1724, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d,. June 17, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
viii. ELIZABETH PEABODY, b. October 25, 1728, Topsfield, Massachusetts; d. June 18, 1736, Topsfield, Massachusetts.

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Generation No. 4

13. DEACON FRANCIS4 PEABODY (FRANCIS3, ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born September 21, 1715, in Middleton, Massachusetts and died December 7, 1797, in Middleton, Massachusetts.  He married MARGARET KNIGHT September 30, 1722, in Middleton, Massachusetts, daughter of BENJAMIN KNIGHT and RUETH FULLER.  She was born September 30, 1722, in Middleton, Massachusetts, and died August 27, 1806, in Middleton, Massachusetts.
i. BENJAMIN PEABODY, b. August 9, 1741.
ii. ANDREW PEABODY, b. January 4, 1742
iii. RUTH PEABODY, b. April 11, 1744.
iv. FRANCIS PEABODY, b. March 4, 1745.
v. LYDIA PEABODY, b. September 27, 1748.
vi. ASA PEABODY, b. March 5, 1751.
vii. MARGARET PEABODY, b. March 27, 1753.
viii. ANDREW PEABODY, b. October 12, 1755.
  ix. JOSEPH PEABODY, b. December 12, 1757.
  x. STEPHEN PEABODY, b. April 25, 1760.
xi. LUSE PEABODY, b. January 5, 1767.
14. BIMSLEY4 PEABODY (FRANCIS3, ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born September 2, 1731 in Middleton, Massachusetts, and died 1815 in Boxford, Massachusetts.   He married RUTH MARSTON November 12, 1754 in Middleton, Massachusetts, daughter of SAMUEL MARSTON and HANNAH GOULD.  She was born Abt. 1735 in Middleton, Massachusetts, and died 1815 in Boxford, Massachusetts.
  [He] was a private in Major Preble's command in the French war in Nova Scotia, in 1755.  [He] was a solder in the War of the Revolution.--Peabody Genealogy 1909
  i. MEHITABLE PEABODY, b. March 2, 1755, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. June 18, 1846; m. WILLIAM FLINT, May 4, 1780, Danvers, Massachusetts.
ii. BIMSLEY PEABODY, b. April 2, 1757, Middleton, Massachusetts; bpt. October 2, 1757, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. BETTY PEABODY, May 25, 1779, Danvers, Massachusetts; she d. June 18, 1846.
iii. SAMUEL PEABODY, b. January 7, 1759.
iv. FRANCIS PEABODY, b. January 5, 1761.
v. JONATHAN PEABODY, b. January 27, 1763.
15. vi. AMOS5 PEABODY, b. February 7, 1765, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. August 22, 1835, Middleton, Massachusetts.
vii. DUDLEY PEABODY, b. October 7, 1768, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. REBECCA TOWNE, October 10, 1791, Boxford, Massachusetts.
viii. RUTH PEABODY, b. December 14, 1769, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. BENJAMIN FOLINBY, November 20, 1795, Topsfield, Massachusetts.
ix. BENJAMIN PEABODY, b. Abt. 1771; m. (1) POLLY BANCROFT, June 8, 1794, Lynnfield, Massachusetts; m. (2) LEAFEY WHITNEY CHUBB.
x. OLIVER PEABODY, b. February 14, 1775; d. July 23, 1850, Boxford, Massachusetts; m. (1) SARAH ESTEY, November 27, 1800, Topsfield, Massachusetts; m. (2) LOIS CHAPMAN.
xi. LYDIA PEABODY, b. October 9, 1796.

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Generation No. 5

14. AMOS5 PEABODY (BIMSLEY4, FRANCIS3, ISAAC2, FRANCIS1) was born February 7, 1765 in Middleton, Massachusetts, and died August 22, 1835 in Middleton, Massachusetts.  He married RACHEL BERRY January 1, 1789 in Middleton, Massachusetts, daughter of ISAAC BERRY and ANNA BIXBY.  was born October 1, 1770, in Middleton, Massachusetts, and died October 11, 1847, in Middleton, Massachusetts.
  He served in the army of the Revolution in Col. Crafts' regiment of artillery.  Was a pensioner.--Peabody Genealogy 1909
Children of AMOS PEABODY and RACHEL BERRY are:
i. ABIJAH PEABODY, b. March 29, 1790, Middleton, Massachusetts.
ii. FANNY PEABODY, b. September 15, 1792, Middleton, Massachusetts.
iii. AMOS PEABODY, b. June 30, 1793; d. June 28, 1857, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. ABIGAIL NEEDHAM, October 11, 1828, Middleton, Massachusetts.
iv. JAMES PEABODY, b. May 24, 1795, Middleton, Massachusetts.
v. JOHN PEABODY, b. June 17, 1797, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. October 30, 1844, Middleton, Massachusetts.
vi. BETSEY PEABODY, b. February 21, 1799.
vii. ANNA PEABODY, b. November 6, 1801.
viii. EUNICE PEABODY, b. February 3, 1803.
ix. SALLY PEABODY, b. February 4, 1805, Middleton, Massachusetts; m. COOMBS TARR, December 21, 1826, Gloucester, Massachusetts.
x. RACHEL LOUISA PEABODY, b. January 1, 1807, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. December 9, 1809, Middleton, Massachusetts.
xi. RACHEL LOUISA PEABODY, b. November 15, 1809, Middleton, Massachusetts; d. Abt. 1891, Gloucester, Massachusetts; m. FREDERICK TARR, November 27, 1828, Gloucester, Massachusetts.
Both Rachel and Frederick Tarr are buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Gloucester, Massachusetts.
xii. ABIJAH PEABODY, b. April 9, 1814, Middleton, Massachusetts.
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